Equity Release for Your Dream Kitchen Extension

Equity Tree Equity release for your dream kitchen

There are numerous ways in which you can release equity from your property to fund home improvements such as a kitchen extension. The options available will, to a certain extent, depend upon age and the level of equity in your property. Some options may also include an affordability test where regular repayments are required. Releasing […]

Our Guide to Equity Release and a Home Reversion Plan

Equity Tree Our guide to equity release home reversion plan

Home reversion plans are, in essence, a means of selling a share in your property to an investor, in exchange for payment. There are no repayments, with the investor receiving their share of proceeds when the property is eventually sold. In effect, this is a straightforward investment by a lender. Of the numerous equity release […]

Equity Release Council – Who Are They, What Do They Do?

Equity Tree Equity Council

The Equity Release Council is the industry body which represents equity release providers, qualified financial advisers, solicitors and intermediaries. Equity release is a growing sector, especially for older homeowners who may have limited access to finance. While a traditional remortgage can often release equity on a property, the Equity Release Council is more focused on […]