Our Guide to Equity Release Eligibility

Equity Tree guide to equity release elgibility

There are numerous ways in which you can release equity from your home, which we will cover in detail in this article. These fall into two main categories, traditional remortgage to release equity and then we have schemes which are popular with older homeowners. With a traditional mortgage, you will still have monthly repayments, but […]

Our Guide to All Equity Release Options

Equity Tree Guide to all equity release options

The UK equity release market is worth billions of pounds a year and still growing. Historically, there have been issues with regards to interest rates, small print and varying degrees of transparency. Thankfully, in recent years the authorities have stepped in to introduce an array of regulations which have given consumers more confidence about the […]

Using Equity Release to Help Out Your Family Financially

Equity Tree guide to equity release and helping your family out financially

The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad in the UK’s ninth-largest lender- in 2018, parents lent upwards of £7.5 billion to their children for help with property alone. People are clearly willing to dig into their pockets when it comes helping their family get ahead financially. But not everyone can afford to hand out cash […]

Funding At-Home Care With Equity Release

Equity Tree funding in-home care

Every year, councils across the UK receive nearly 2 million requests for help sourcing at-home care- the majority of which come from people over the age of 65. While councils may be able to help some people fund the care they need, most people will need to contribute to the cost of their care, and […]

Our Guide To Equity Release And Retirement Planning

Equity tree equity release and retirement planning

When it comes to money, it’s often said that it’s never too soon to start planning for retirement. But it seems plenty of people in the UK today didn’t get the memo- in 2019, an incredible 48% of Brits approaching retirement age had no financial plans at all for their life after full-time employment. With […]

Our Guide To Tax Implications Of Equity Release

Equity Tree guide to tax implications of equity release

As the UK’s population continues to age, equity release is becoming more popular than ever as a way to help people improve their standard of living through retirement. The scheme allows homeowners over the age of 55 to access the wealth locked up in their property. Using the value of your home as security, equity […]

Our Top 10 Reasons To Consider Equity Release

Equity Tree top 10 reason to consider equity release

If you are one of the millions of over-55s wondering about whether to release equity on your home, you probably have some idea already about how the scheme works. One of the benefits of equity release is that you get to use your lump sum however you want. But besides financing those much-needed home improvements […]