Our Guide to Equity Release Brokers Fees

Equity Tree Our guide to equity release brokers

Equity release broker fees have certainly been a bone of contention in the past, but new regulations have made the industry more transparent. Advisers now need to disclose their relationships with individual lenders before concluding transactions for their customers. Until recently, when the mortgage broking industry saw a tightening of regulations, there was a deep-seated […]

Our Guide to Equity Release Compound Interest

Equity Tree Guide to equity release compound interest

The subject of equity release and compound interest is one you need to be aware of, especially when considering a lifetime mortgage. As the term suggests, regular interest on your loan is not repaid simply added to your outstanding balance. Over time, you will pay interest on interest hence the term compound interest. The impact […]

The Benefits of Getting an Equity Release Whole of Market Quote

Equity Tree Benefits of whole of market quote

Equity release whole of market advisers is often referred to as independent brokers. As the name suggests, they have access to the full lending market, which takes in more than 300 individual lenders. In theory, this enlarged access allows them to negotiate the best deal possible for your equity release requirements. Independent mortgage brokers are […]

Equity Release for Once in a Lifetime Holiday to Hawaii

Equity Tree Equity release for a once in a lifetime holiday in Hawaii

Releasing equity in your property for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Hawaii is now within touching distance for many homeowners. There are numerous ways and means of releasing equity in your property, some of which are more appropriate for different scenarios. There is a changing demographic in the UK, life expectancy is increasing, employment years have […]

Our Guide to All the Different Equity Release Companies

Equity Tree Guide to all the different equity release companies

The equity release industry, which is dominated by remortgages, lifetime mortgages and home reversion schemes, has certainly grown in popularity in recent years. While this article will focus predominantly on lifetime mortgages and home reversion schemes, will also include information on remortgages. As life expectancy in the UK continues to rise, medical treatments extend life, […]

Our Guide to the Alternatives to Equity Release

Equity Tree Guide to equity release alternatives

For many people, equity release is the perfect way to raise money against their property, but there are alternatives. It will depend on the level of funding you require, your financial position and potentially the use of collateral as security. If traditional equity release is not for you don’t worry, there are other options to […]

Our Guide to Equity Mortgage Selling Part of Your Home

Equity Tree guide to equity mortgage

There are many different ways of extracting equity from your property with different options more appropriate for different scenarios. What Is an Equity Mortgage? An equity mortgage is sometimes referred to as a second mortgage and is a means of extracting equity from your property. If there is an existing mortgage, then there may need […]