About Us

About Us

When deciding what to write for our ‘About us’ page we thought about using industry jargon, long meaningless sentences like you hear from politicians all day, or we can explain how good we are at what we do, or we could take the good old honest approach.

We decided with the good old honest approach!

You see, we create ‘Equity Tree’ to provide detailed but easy to understand financial content that helps you get the most from your money.

We don’t fill the pages with detailed statistics and percentage point differences between this and that; we tell you the facts about the products that affect you every day.

Our aim and vision are to provide you with easy enough to understand information about a Equity Release so you can make an informed decision if it is right for you.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

But Why Us? Why ‘Equity Tree’?​

Over the years we have helped thousands of people release equity in their property. We did this over the telephone and having spoken to thousands of consumers we started to get a real understanding what questions consumers wanted answering before they progressed with releasing equity.

So, we created Equity Tree where you can find all relevant information about releasing equity, our content writers are producing this content daily and making changes regularly, should they be required and as these markets change.

As a website we have also partnered with specialist Equity Release brokers throughout the UK who can help you make a more informed decision, all you need to do is click the button at the bottom of the article, and a specialist will call to discuss with you.

We hope you enjoy the site and the content we produce daily.

It’s not just Equity Release? We run and manage a host of financial based sites aimed at helping consumers all over the UK...

The Mortgage Bank

The Mortgage Bank has grown to be one of the most trusted mortgage sites throughout the UK.  We have already helped thousands of consumers find the right mortgage and remortgage since we partnered with the best mortgage brokers.  We produce regular mortgage and remortgage content and keep our ears firmly to the ground and change, release information based on market conditions and/or changes in legislation.

Money Saving Advice

The financial landscape is vast! There is so much information available, we created Money Savings Advice to help people with easy to understand information on all aspects of money and finances and where possible we have partnered with companies that can help them navigate a particular niche or product in more detail.

Flexy Loans

Flexy loan is our flagship loan site where we provide relevant and useful information about the personal loan industry, from understanding how loans work to how you can get a loan with bad credit and everything in-between!

Flexy Loans has also partnered with major UK lenders and many you haven’t heard of and can provide you with an immediate loan from £100-£5,000 with the money deposited immediately and has already helped thousands of people who have struggled to get loans from major high street lenders.

Love Debt Free

Love Debt Free provides information and help to people struggling with personal debt. Personal debt can really impact people’s lives so we aim to help people relieve the pressure of debt with practical advice.

Still want more information about us?